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Barnabas – Bombay’s First Private Detective


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British India. The summer of 1942. Bombay. From the leafy lanes of Wodehouse Road, a British woman goes missing from her home. Her husband Thomas Stanton, wants to keep the police out of the loop, and thus calls in Bombay’s first Private Detective, Barnabas Mehta. Barnabas, the son of a cook, has been brought up under the tutelage of his father’s employer, Francis Curtis, and thus knows the ways of the British. But that isn’t enough to solve the mystery for him. His search for Rose leads him to the bylanes of Girgaum where he finds a murder to solve and webs of deceit to traverse. Who would murder Rose so brutally? Family secrets and the machinations of an evil mind – they’re all there for Barnabas Mehta to unveil!


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