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Because You Loved Me


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‘…because falling in love is literally like falling’
India 2009 : the board exams are round the corner for one last time for all students of class 10. And amongst those who’d be appearing for them, exists a certain Ritesh Garg whose idea of an ideal life is soon to take a beating.
His aim in life is simple: get the love of his life.
But is it as simple as it seems to be?
Maybe not…
Ritesh wants Aarushi. But Aarushi want Ritesh?
Radhika Aunty wants Aarushi to get grades good enough to secure a Science stream in 11. But she doesn’t want Ritesh in her daughter’s life.
Aarushi’s brother, Aryan wants Ritesh to suffer but doesn’t want his sister to be unhappy.
Laharry wants to romanticize Mathematics but Gupta wants his students to be oriented towards Physics.
Pallu wants Shreelekha but Shreelekha has her fulfillments to meet.
Amidst these ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’ lies Ritesh’s battle in securing what he lost once. His journey of resurrecting his love story will be challenged at every stage. Be it financial insecurities or dangerous accidents, troubles will be there galore.
Would Ritesh survive to tell the tale? Or would he simply fail?
It’s time to find out…


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