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Romi and Gang


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Unruly and reckless, thirteen-year-old Romi is the hero of his universe. His great affinity for adventure and the unknown is shared by his gang – the rascal Sukhi, the deadpan Sunny, the naïve Golu and his blood brother, Kim. When legendary Kim disappears from Mauji, it is left to the four to conquer the maidan with cricket and the world with their wits. Of course, they must prepare for responsibility in between and, one day, go after Kim. ‘A piquant tale of chasing your dreams and a reminder that there is some innocence left is everyone. It is a must read for all!’ – The Hindu

About Romi & Gang:
A street cuts across India. A boy throws off his school-bag, swallows his lunch and takes to it. A boy clamps his bat in the carrier of his bicycle and pedals on. A boy, bouncing a ball on his bat, his school dress intact, marches on. The street, where town meets village and meets town again, where boys become men and men remain boys, where an obsolete post box finds a lease of life as the boundary line, where scars from yesterday’s game are fresh, where Sachin dreamt of being Sunny and a Sunny dreams of being Sachin, leads to the maidan. Romi & Gang chronicles the life of one such boy on this street.


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