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When death comes Stealing


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Tamara Hayle, former cop turned PI, is a single mom trying to make it on her own on the mean streets of Newark. When her “dog” of an ex-husband, the father of her son, shows up like a bad penny, she can’t turn down his plea for help. For no apparent reason, somebody is killing his sons, one by one, and the police are less than concerned about it: Black men killing one another, nobody seems to give a damn. It’s up to Tamara to find the killer – before death comes stealing her only child. Valerie Wilson Wesley has created a smart, sexy, knowing heroine unlike any readers have met before. With wry humor and a keen sense of urban life, Wesley imbues Tamara Hayle with the true grit and feminine wiles that make her an enduring character, whom readers will love discovering, and whose next appearance they will eagerly await. 


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